The profession of architecture has undergone a transformation, and today’s elite architects have become highly influential in the creative world of creating world class modern and classic homes and building’s.

The “Celebrity Architect” is born

The relationship between power, art and architecture has a long and distinguished history, and the three have been bedmates since Ancient Egypt. The difference between that relationship and the birth of the celebrity architect was that for the first time the trend was broadcast in the mainstream media.

Breathtaking luxury homes and building’s make great stories with massive media appeal for architects like Joe Adsett Shaun Lockyer and Richard Kirk

The Rise of the Celebrity Architect

ASHLAR By Joe Adsett – Interior recreated

There are fascinating upsides to this new monopoly of architectural supply. Evidence has emerged that suggests schemes endorsed by celebrity architects have a greater chance of gaining planning consent and passing through the minefield of development approvals than those proposed by other architects.

Value in stardust
However, further investigation reveals that, in the right hands, these architects do indeed deliver a development premium. Research shows developers have realised that a celebrity architect can help play the planning system in a way other architects cannot. The resale value of the luxury homes they create sell for up to a 20% premium over other homes.

The brand architect
These architects have built themselves up as brands through hard work and exceptional creativity. The stunning homes and buildings these architects create frequently exceed our dreams and change our expectations of what architecture can deliver in our beautiful city. It’s also a highly valuable export industry and a wonderful career for many.Celebrity architects are a creative elite servicing a wealthy demographic with more money and higher expectations than ever before. Increasingly we see homes and developments which lean in the direction of fantasy in a way that the architecture of old cannot do.