The advent of digital media has completely transformed real estate marketing, and today with the help of numerous digital channels such as websites, social media, email marketing, videography and professional photography, property marketing has reached new levels. In fact, it is playing a key role in the success of the industry.


The emergence of the internet and social media has caused a massive shift in real estate marketing and today it needs to deliver global and national reach.


Professional real estate photography has long been one of the most powerful tools in property marketing. Real estate photography has the ability to showcase a property’s finest attributes and present it in the best possible way, even in just one photo.


Whilst every property sale benefits from high quality professional photography, they all need their own video. Video marketing has become one of the best ways to showcase your home and can be a phenomenal effect for prestige properties, for example along the riverfronts of Brisbane.


High quality photography and videography makes all the difference when selling a property. An extensive digital media campaign was conducted for the sale of 39 Avis Place, Pullenvale, and it was successfully sold under the hammer for $5,600,000 to a family who saw the property video the morning of the Auction and registered to bid 10 minutes prior to the Auction commencing. Adcock Prestige receives 42% more enquiries on our properties when the property has a professional video. There is no doubt that professional videography helps properties get seen by more potential buyers.


Not only is professional videography and photography highly important to assist the sale of your home, but Digital Media and Social Media Marketing also plays a large role. At Adcock Prestige, we utilise Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google. The use of these platforms allows us to target and reach potential buyers from both worldwide and throughout Australia.


Social media marketing has really come into its own during and post COVID, as state and country wide lockdowns disenabled buyers from viewing a property in person. Adcock Prestige is seeing a large increase of international and interstate buyers enquiring and buying properties throughout Brisbane. With the use of Digital and Social Media marketing, the success of the sale of your property drives from communicating with potential buyers from all over the world.