Jason Adcock
Prestige Property Specialist

Jason Adcock is the Principal of Adcock Prestige. He has been recognised by his peers for his energetic, dynamic approach to the property market and applauded for his innovative use of web-integrated marketing.

Jason believes that this powerful and instantly accessible marketing tool is ideally suited to the fluid property market. As a pioneer in e-property marketing, Jason has received national acclaim and has been a keynote speaker at the Australian Real Estate Best Practice Conference. He has a track record of selling some of Brisbane's finest homes(which includes holding the record for the dearest Brisbane Residential Property sale of more than $10million for a Riverfront Property) and a reputation for achieving outstanding results through shrewd and incisive negotiation.

Jason respects the needs of his clients and transforms a vision of what is required into bricks and mortar. He knows the value of honest and informed communication and appreciates the qualities of discretion and tact.